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Arts and Environment in the Peruvian Amazon

amazonian jaguar

Program Highlights:

Travel this July to the beautiful and vibrant Peruvian Amazon in the Madre de Dios region in Southeast Peru. Under the direction of faculty leaders/researchers Lucy HG Solomon and Samia Carillo-Percastegui, experience the hands-on tracking of jungle animals and discover the science of rainforest animal conservation while developing creative visualizations of the world around you!

During your time abroad you will:

  • Track wild animals in the jungle, including jaguars
  • Set camera traps to view animals in their natural habitat
  • Study human impacts on the jungle environment
  • Develop artworks based on conservation science
  • Practice Spanish at whatever level you are at (no prerequisites required)

Planned excursions include the following:

  • Natural Museum of National University of San Marcos, Lima
  • Museum of Archeology and Anthropology, National University of San Marcos, Lima
  • Guided rainforest tours and night jungle hikes to observe nocturnal creatures
  • Overnight in Puerto Maldonado
  • Visits with the local town and indigenous community

Academic Calendar:

July 17-29, 2018

Academic Focus:

VSAR 331 (3 units), clears CC requirement for students with 60 units or more

IP 495 (3 units) for Arts students

Language of Instruction:

English, although conversational Spanish is helpful


  •  GPA:  2.75 and above; good academic standing to departure
  • Upper-division standing (60 units or more) for enrollment in VSAR 331 for CC credit
  • Ability to keep up with physical demands of daily hikes in and around the Peruvian Amazon
  • No prior art, language or science required!


3 units of VSAR 331 OR ID 495


While in Lima, participants will be assigned a Peruvian family homestay.  In the Peruvian Amazon, students will stay in shared rooms at the Los Amigos Research Lodge.  Please be advised due to the sensitive nature of the environment in which you will be living, the lodge has only about one hour of satellite internet per day, which is slow and sometimes inconsistent.  Keep in mind your best connection will be with nature!  The lodge will serve simple, healthy, traditional food.  Special dietary restrictions can be accommodated. 

Estimated Cost

TBD + Extended Learning Fees (estimated at $252)

All fees include tuition, lodging and most meals, medical insurance, and local area excursions.  Airfare and personal expenditures are NOT included in the program cost and estimated at $1,600.

Some useful airfare search engines:

Please await notification from Global Education before purchasing your airfare.  Ideally, we enjoy holding a pre-departure meeting once the application deadline closes, then participants may plan their travels together.  Always read the fine print concerning change fees, taxes, luggage restrictions, before booking.  Whenever possible, book directly with an airline.

To Apply:

 1.  Attend an information session led by faculty leader, Dr. Lucy Solomon.

2.  Fill out the online application materials via the link below.  All application materials must be received by noon on Thursday, April 5 along with your non-refundable $300 deposit to the Office of Global Education.  Online payment preferred through CashNet.  Please be advised to choose E-check and enter your checking account details to avoid the 2.75% convenience fees applicable to all non-checking account payments.  Cash, checks, and money orders made payable to CSUSM will also be accepted.  

3.  Final payment of program fees is due noon on Thursday, May 3, to the Office of Global Education, following the payment guidelines set forth above.  Payment of tuition related expenses (estimated at $252) will be billed by Extended Learning and appear on your Student Center, following the payment guidelines set out for Summer Session.

4. Submit your flight details to Global Education here:  Flight Information Form

5.  A mandatory pre-departure orientation will be held with Professor Solomon to discuss arrival instructions and the upcoming course.

Summer in Peru 2018 Application

Attend an Info Session Today!

Date Time Room
February 15 12-12:50pm SBSB 2101
February 20 12-12:50pm SBSB 2101
February 27 12-12:50pm SBSB 2101
March 6 12-12:50pm SBSB 2101