Medical Insurance 

As a condition for receiving an I-20, all F-1 visa applicants must agree to obtain and maintain medical insurance for the duration of their student status. The California State University system requires that health insurance policies conform to the following conditions:

  1. The policy must be valid for each entire semester of enrollment;
  2. The medical benefit must be for at least $250,000 per illness or injury;
  3. The maximum deductible can be no more than $100 per illness or injury;
  4. The repatriation benefit must be at least $7,500;
  5. The medical evacuation benefit must be at least $10,000;

CSU San Marcos offers a policy that provides the required coverage, which includes access to student health services on campus. The cost of this coverage is $737 for a year.  Application forms are available from the Office of Global Education.

Students who wish to purchase health insurance independently or who have health insurance coverage from their home country must provide a copy of the policy in English showing that the policy meets all of the above-stated criteria.

International students will not be permitted to register without proof of health insurance.

If you would like to learn about our medical insurance plan for international students, or if you are already covered by this medical insurance plan and would like to obtain a list of medical providers (doctors) that you can visit under this plan, please click on the box below:

 Health Link

Remember, if you are sick or injured, you should visit campus Health Services before you see a health plan doctor. Of course, in an emergency, you may go to a health plan provider directly.