Health Care

Health Insurance Requirement

All international students must have adequate health insurance coverage while they are in the United States.  Your health insurance must meet the following California State University International Student Health Insurance requirements:

  • The medical benefit is at least $500,000 per condition, with a co-payment of no more than 25%, and a deductible of no more than $100.
  • The policy is valid as long as you are enrolled at ALCI.
  • The repatriation benefit is at least $7,500.
  • The medical evacuation benefit is at least $10,000.
  • The policy provides equal benefits for men and women.
  • The policy includes prenatal (pregnancy) and maternity coverage at no extra cost.
  • The policy pays for pre-existing conditions after six months of continuous coverage.

To meet the health insurance requirement, you must either bring proof of health insurance from your country (with a copy of your policy in English) that meets these requirements OR buy CSU-sponsored health insurance after you arrive at CSUSM. You must have health insurance coverage for the entire semester.

Visit the Wells Fargo Insurance Services website to enroll in the CSU-sponsored health insurance or to receive more information.  Students may purchase health insurance online with a credit card or debit card. 


On-Campus Health Services 

The University has a complete Student Health Services facility on campus, with a resident physician.  All students have access to the health service as part of their enrollment. Student Health Services will refer students to specialists if they cannot be treated on campus.

If you are an international student covered by the medical insurance policy offered by CSU San Marcos, you may either visit health services or your own physician. If you visit health services first, all deductible payments are waived if you are referred to a specialist. Health Services has a list of specialists who accept our medical insurance coverage.

All consultations with Student Health Services are strictly confidential. U.S. law prohibits Health Services from releasing any information about you to anyone (including parents, spouses, or other relatives) without your permission.

Health Services has health information available in many different languages. They also have translators available to assist you in explaining your health problems or understanding doctor's instructions.

Health Services is located in the Palomar-Pomerado building at the corner of Craven Drive and Twin Oaks Valley Road.


Off-Campus Urgent Care Clinics

 Always go to an Urgent Care Clinic if the situation is not life threatening.  (Bring your health insurance card with you)

Gray Bill Medical (Escondido)
Urgent Care Clinic

225 E Second Ave.
Escondido, CA 92026

No Appointment Necessary
Walk-in/Same Day
Office hours:
5:00pm-8:00pm Mon-Fri
8:00am-4:00pm Sat & Sun

Directions: Take 15 South, Exit: Valley Parkway going East (left). As you drive, the street changes to Second Ave…Keep going straight. The GRAY BILL Medical Center is on the right side of the street.


Concentra Urgent Care Clinic (San Marcos)
Urgent Care Clinic

740 Nordahl. Rd Ste 131
San Marcos, CA 92069

No Appointment Necessary
Walk-in/Same Day
Office hours:
8:00am -8:00pm Mon-Fri
8:00am-5:00pm Sat & Sun

Directions: 78 East, Exit Nordahl…going Left