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HOPE & Wellness Interns

HOPE interns

HOPE & Wellness Interns - Spring 2017

HOPE & Wellness Student Assistants

Anna Kaiyarath
Hello Cougars! My name is Anna Kaiyarath. I am a senior looking forward to graduate in Spring 2017 with a BA in Women Studies. I enjoy working with students and am driven by their great energy. I am passionate about working with women, youth, and adolescent health, primarily focusing on promoting optimal health and wellness to the general public. During my free time I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and I love to dance!

Patricia Garcia
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Peer Educators (Interns)

Charity Marino

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Tiffany Tooley

Hello Cougars! My name is Tiffany Tooley and I am a graduate student in the Masters of Public Health: Health Education and Health Promotion at CSUSM. I was a volunteer for fall semester 2015 and a student Intern in spring 2016. Currently, for spring 2017, I am a senior intern! The main thing that I want to do is to help people. My hobbies are spending time with my friends and family. I am also from Indiana and I am a Colts fan! Let’s motivate each other for a better/happier life!

Jacy Fong
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Leann Leite
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Tabetha Camacho-Martin
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Hazuki Mimora
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Becca Remillard
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Tori Sandoval
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Deb Schork
Deb Schork 
Hi Everyone! My name is Deb and I am a senior in my last semester graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in human Development with my concentration in counseling services. I am looking to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health. I am a native San Diegan and love the outdoors, travel, chocolate and sports. As a cancer survivor, I am passionate about health and mental health, educating, promoting, advocating and exposing others to the importance of self-care, love, compassion and growth.  My future plans are to work in public health incorporating holistic practices to support mental health and well-being. One of my favorite quotes is “Be the Change You Want to See in the World”, I hope to inspire others and be a little change that is a ripple effect onto others.

Mecah Welch
My name is Mecah and I am in my last semester at CSUSM graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis on children’s services. I enjoy being outdoors and love to hike. I am passionate about educating students about the consequences of addiction as I have exposed to this area personally. My goal after graduation is to work with adolescents advocating for mental and physical health; more specifically promoting continued education.