Are you interested in health? Come be a volunteer as a peer educator at the HOPE & Wellness Center!

Healthy Cougars: Peer Advocacy and Wellness Support (PAWS) are a group of student volunteers committed to promoting awareness and advocating health and wellness related issues to the Cal State San Marcos community.

What Healthy Cougars Do:
PEAS provide up-to-date information about health related issues through various programs, workshops, events and presentations, and refer students to appropriate offices and resources on campus as needed. 

Healthy Cougars help organize and staff campus health awareness weeks & outreach such as:

           -Stress Management
           -Ask the SEXpert Series
           -Safer Spring Break
           -Sexual Responsibility Week
           -Great American Smoke-Out and more…

Healthy Cougars serve as student health resource. They act as mentors, leaders, helpers and educators on campus.

Healthy Cougars network with other student organizations/clubs, with other peers, and other peer educators nationally and locally. PEAS have lots of FUN!

Healthy Cougars can become "certified peer educators" through the 12 hours training program. Students who wish to be certified must fill out an online application. Deadline for the Certification Peer Education Program is September 15, 2015.

If you like to volunteer twice a month and attend bi-monthly meetings, but don't want to be certified, please fill the online application and check the "volunteer" box instead of the "Certified Peer Educator".

Healthy Cougars

Got questions?

Contact: Cathy Nguyen, advisor
(760) 750-4917

Volunteer & Certified Peer Education Application
DUE: May 1, 2016

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