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Alliance to Accelerate Excellence in Education

The Alliance to Accelerate Excellence in Education (The Alliance) at CSU San Marcos is a regionally focused initiative intended to improve the college attendance and completion rates of students within North County.  Guided by principles of partnership, collaboration and academic excellence, the Alliance serves as the oversight and support office for Guaranteed Admission agreements with ten area school districts.

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The Alliance to Accelerate Excellence in Education strives to create a comprehensive, comprehensible pathway to college access and success for all learners in the CSUSM footprint.


Recognizing that there is a difference between access and success, The Alliance works collaboratively with regional partners to ensure that all K-12 students have access to a college education and are successful in persevering toward a degree.

Core Values

Collaboration—Working with community partners to ensure all learners have the tools necessary for academic and career success

Perseverance—Managing effort accordingly in recognition that transformations take time, diligence, and patience

Integrity—Ensuring that actions and words match values and goals

Innovation—Using foundational knowledge and emergent resources to achieve our vision

Impact—Keeping learners at the center of our work and evaluating outcomes in a measurable way

Advocacy—Integrating perspectives from all stakeholders as we create opportunities for all learners

Relationships—Presuming good intent as we recognize that each stakeholder has different work and communication styles

Definition of Key Terms

Access—Understanding how to apply to college, being accepted to a four-year university, fulfilling the financial obligations connected with college attendance

Success—Maintaining a full course load each semester, passing all courses, graduating in a timely fashion, becoming involved in campus and/or community activities, developing productive and appropriate professional and social relationships

Comprehensive—Encompasses K-12 districts, families, university, learners, and community members

Comprehensible—Clarity of goals and programs, understanding of how each program supports and informs the others

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