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Doorway view of the Cross-Cultural Center.

Timeline of Events

The Cross-Cultural Center is the longest running social justice center at CSUSM. A timeline of significant events are provided.

  • 2002-2007
    • November 2002 – Vision 2010: Division of Student Affairs & Student and Residential Life memo developed and refers to establishment of an Intercultural Services Center by 2010.
    • March 2003 – Dilcie Perez hired as the founding Associate Director and tasked with establishing Multicultural Programs under Student & Residential Life.
    • July 2003 – Lottery Proposal application was awarded funding of a Multicultural Center, development of a Multicultural Student Leadership Council and related programming.
    • August 2003 – Multicultural Center established in Administrative 4110 adjacent to Office of Student & Residential Life.
    • September 2003 – First program produced by Multicultural Programs was Celebration of Culture to celebrate the diversity at CSUSM and build community.
    • January 2004 – First Multicultural Student Leadership Council retreat is held at Zosa Ranch with approximately 20 student leaders.
    • April 2005 – Alexis Montevirgen hired as the 2nd Associate Director of Multicultural Programs. 
    • May 2006 – First All People’s Celebration held, a precursor to the current All People’s Luncheon by the Office of Inclusive Excellence. 
    • January 2007 – Multicultural Center changes its name to the Cross-Cultural Center or “C3” and moves location to Administrative 3400. 
    • February 2007 – Augustin Garibay hired as the 3rd Associate Director of Multicultural Programs.
  • 2008-2012
    • May 2008 – Cross-Cultural Center mural is created with the assistance of artist Armando Cepeda. 
    • July 2008 – Sara Sheikh-Arvizu hired as the 4th Associate Director of Multicultural Programs.
    • September 2008 – In collaboration with the Women’s Center and Pride Center Café La Paz is developed with a focus on intersectionality.
    • January 2009 – First Social Justice Summit held with the theme “Inspiring Positive Change.” 
    • September 2009 – Peer Mentoring program is established in collaboration with Orientation and New Student Programs.
    • October 2009 – The Cross-Cultural Center works with members of Kamalayan Alliance to heal from the death of Jeremy Pallon, a “resident” of the center.
    • January 2011 – Cross-Cultural Center moves to Commons 207. 
    • May 2011 – Cross-Cultural Center is the research focus of cultural center influence on feelings of mattering and a sense of belonging for underserved college students by Dr. Gregory Toya. 
    • June 2011 – Floyd Lai hired as the 5th Associate Director of Multicultural Programs.
  • 2013-2018
    • March 2013 – Tukwut Talk: Conversations with Faculty launches with Dr. Xuan Santos as the first invited faculty presenter.
    • August 2013 – Cross-Cultural Center becomes an active partner with the Civility Campaign by sponsoring programs and providing staff support.
    • January 2014 – Cross-Cultural Center moves to current location (USU 3400) in the newly constructed University Student Union and the mural is relocated in Dean’s Office Conference Room in the College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences.
    • March 2014 – The center works with the Office of Community Engagement in creating the inaugural César Chávez Day of Service.
    • September 2014 – Cross-Cultural Center hires first Graduate Assistant staff member. 
    • October 2015 – Six portraits of women in social justice are unveiled in an exhibit by artist Blake Byers and distributed within the various social justice centers. 
    • March 2016 – In conjunction with Arts & Lectures, the center hosts journalist and hip hop music critic Jeff Chang.
    • June/July 2016 – In response to a series of tragic events in the summer, the Cross-Cultural Center and ASI Community centers come together to process and heal with the tagline “Cougars in Solidarity.”
    • August 2016 – A refocus of the center develops the current programmatic themes of advocacy and activism, developing multicultural competency, critical engagement across social identity groups and retention of underrepresented and underserved students.
    • September 2016 – The center is part of the refocused Civility Campaign on civil discourse and begins to host monthly dialogues on current topics.
    • November 2016 – Cross-Cultural Center hosts an intimate discussion with Dr. Cornel West and student leaders.
    • February 2017 – Cross-Cultural Center commences a "leadership & multicultural competency" certificate with the Tukwut Leadership Circle.
    • March 2018 – Cross-Cultural Center celebrates its 15th year at CSUSM.
    • September 2018 - First annual Cougars in Solidarity Block Party during Weeks of Welcome 
    • July 2018 – Along with other centers in the USU, the Cross-Cultural Center will report to the new Associate Vice President for Student Life.
  • 2019-present
    • March 2019 - Cross-Cultural Center expands social justice programming with inaugural Social Justice Symposium "Power. Action. Healing. Transforming the CSUSM Landscape"
    • March/April 2019 - Muralist Isaias Crow is commissioned to create a new community mural as part of the 15th Anniversary celebration.
    • August 2019 – Cross-Cultural Center is part of the collective officially known as the Student Life Centers for Identity, Inclusion, and Empowerment along with the Black Student Center, Gender Equity Center, Latin@/x Center, and LGBTQA Pride Center.
    • September 2019 - The Love Generator Community Mural is unveiled in the Cross-Cultural Center.
    • March 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic causes the closure of CSUSM and the Cross-Cultural Center.
    • May/June 2020 - The center reaffirms that Black Lives Matter and support of the Black Student Center in the wake of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd.