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Student Life

Critical Cougars: Unlearn. Relearn.

Kate Morrissey, Immigration Reporter at the San Diego Union-Tribune

Critical Cougars: Unlearn. Relearn.

Through facilitated discussions and lectures this series provides participants the capacity to engage in dialogue with others, explore the intersection of identities, and raise awareness of social justice issues. Learn more about upcoming events.

Past programs

  • Spring 2020
    • Cultivating We in a Me Society: Balancing Cultural Health
    • Division of We in Media*
    • A Healthy Me and We: Sustainable Relationships*
    • All Our Trials featuring Dr. Emily Thuma*
    • Breaking the Class Ceiling*

    *postponed/canceled due to COVID-19

  • Fall 2019
    • Unauthorized: Portraits of Latino Immigrants
    • Deconstructing the Border: A Reporter's Perspective
    • The Privileged Poor featuring Dr. Anthony Jack
    Dr. Anthony Jack, junior fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows and assistant professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.


  • Spring 2019
    • Forgotten Minority
    • Gentrification: Environmental Injustice
    • disAbility: Making Meaning of our Assumptions
    • Defining, Defending, and Developing Ethnic Studies
    • disAbility: Radical Accessibility
    • disAbility: Activism, Solidarity, and Placemaking
  • Fall 2018
    • Maskulinity: Man Enough to Man Up
    • Maskulinity: In Living Color
    • Gentrification: Class Warfare or Modern Colonialism?
    • Maskulinity: Revolution Starts at Home
  • Spring 2018
    • Global Perspectives on Identity: Thinking Outside of the Box
    • Beyond Objectification
    • Lyrical Justice: Lemonate Szn
    • Global Perspectives on Identity: How Rich is Your Pigment?
    • Global Perspectives on Identity: Mind, Body, and Soul
    • Lyrical Justice: We Gon' Be Alright
  • Fall 2017
    • The "In" in Feminism: Sisters Not Just Cisters
    • The "In" in Feminism: The Oppression Olympics
    • The "In" in Feminism: Disrupting Oppressive Language
  • Spring 2017
    • In Solidarity: Uncovering the Invisibility of Class
    • Decoded Messages: The Power and Pain of Microaggressions
    • In  Solidarity: Framing Citizenship as Allyship