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Ways to Give

Giving Day

UPDATE: Thanks to all you generous donors who helped us to meet our goal of $750 and unlock our match to raise over $1700 this past Giving Day. Your contributions are what allow us to continue to make a tremendous impact at CSUSM. For those who may be looking to support a cause before the end of year, please consider providing a tax-deductable gift to the CSUSM Cross-Cultural Center today.

As the first of the student life centers established at CSUSM in 2003, the Cross-Cultural Center is a steady and constant beacon for social justice and empowerment on campus. The center has consistently supported students, faculty and staff through identity development and process, building critical consciousness, and appreciating differences. Our programs promote the development of cultural intelligence, examine various forms of activism, and train students for campus leadership, community engagement and social change. We encourage individuals to be empowered and unapologetic about who they are in the exploration and expression of their identities.

We invite all individuals (alumni, donors, community partners, faculty, staff or current students) to invest and support our efforts. All gifts, regardless of size, make a difference.

Give Today

Donations to the Cross-Cultural Center will directly support the following initiatives:

  • Programs focused on the exploration and expression of identities
  • Signature speakers to inspire and model activism and advocacy
  • Workshops and training on cultural intelligence/competency
  • Signature programs around social justice like the Social Justice Summit, Sympoisum and Scholars
  • Digital platforms that will support educational programs in the virtual environment and emphasize connections between participants
  • Virtual tools and applications that promote the holistic wellness of students

Gift of Time

We welcome alumni and community partners to be panelists and speakers on a variety of issues and topics, serve as mentors for our students, and participate in our programs and events throughout the year. We invite alumni to stay connected with us through our contact form.

Cross-Cultural Center (C3) students in Commons 207

For more information or questions about how to support the Cross-Cultural Center, please reach out to the staff.