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Student Life

Volunteer Program

Volunteering at a campus event


Volunteer opportunities involve various tasks such as event planning, creating marketing strategies, learning administrative front desk skills, and meeting with CCC staff. Volunteers gain professional, cultural, and personal development opportunities while working with professional staff and student specialists. Being a CCC Volunteer is a great option to obtain valuable leadership skills and develop multicultural competence around social justice issues.

*Applications are currently closed. Please consider attending future events and learn more about the center. Check back prior to the start of the semester for more information about applying to the program.


  • Requirements
    • Complete & submit application
    • Attend training sessions:
      • Multicultural competency
      • Center logistics
    • Minimum 2.5 GPA
    • Resume

    No experience required but experience with Excel and Photoshop is appreciated

  • Commitments/Responsibilities
    • 7-10 hours a week per semester
    • Participate/assist in at least two CCC programs
    • Work with CCC student coordinators on programs/events
    • Promote the center through tabling and marketing efforts
    • Conduct research for the center
    • Foster administrative and customer service skills
  • Benefits
    • Participate in program execution and educational development
    • Learn about social justice work
    • Work in a friendly, student-centered environment
    • Learn about valuable resources on campus
    • Develop your leadership skills and gain career experience
    • Make a difference at CSUSM