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CSTEM College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Courses for Science Majors

Course Offerings
Course Info
Chemistry 150 General Chemistry
Chemistry 201-2, 201L, 202L Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 250 Quantitative Chemistry
Chemistry 275 Quantitative Investigations in Chemistry
Chemistry 300 Literature of Chemistry
Chemistry 308 Environmental Chemistry
Chemistry 341 General Biochemistry
Chemistry 351, 351L Biochemistry
Chemistry 352 Biochemistry
Chemistry 398 Special Problems in Chemistry--Library
Chemistry 399 Special Problems in Chemistry--Laboratory
Chemistry 401 Physical Chemistry--Classical
Chemistry 402 Physical Chemistry--Quantum
Chemistry 404/404L Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 405 Advanced Laboratory
Chemistry 416 Instrumental Methods of Chemical Analysis: Separations & Structure
Chemistry 450 Protein Structure and Function
Chemistry 490 Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry 491 Selected Topics in Biochemistry
Chemistry 492 Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 493 Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
Chemistry 494 Selected Topics in Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 497 Chemistry in the Community
Chemistry 498 Senior Library Thesis and Seminar
Chemistry 499 Senior Laboratory Thesis and Seminar