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CSTEM College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Choosing a Faculty Member







Kambiz Hamadani, Ph.D. Biochemistry

Co-translational protein folding and dynamics; Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy; templated synthetic biochemistry and drug discovery 760-750-4189 Science Hall II, 331
Robert Iafe, Ph.D.

Organic Chemistry

Synthetic method development using organometallic and organocatalytic processes; total synthesis of bioactive natural products; structural determination by spectroscopic methods such as NMR 760-750-8283 Science Hall I,  108
Paul G. Jasien, Ph.D. Physical Chemistry

Quantum chemical investigations of molecular structure and intermolecular interactions; Students' conceptual understanding in General and Physical Chemistry. 760-750-4135 Science Hall II, 333
Sajith Jayasinghe, Ph.D. Biochemistry Polypeptide-membrane interactions; Elucidation of the molecular details of protein misfolding diseases 760-750-8075 Science Hall II, 115
Jose A. Mendoza, Ph.D. Biochemistry The chaperone activity of H. Pylori Hsp60 protein during the acid stress; role of nucleotides on the function and stability of Hsp60 760-750-4180 Science Hall II, 335
Karno Ng, MBA, Ph.D. Bioanalytical Chemistry Extraction and detection of biomolecules and pharmaceuticals; Development of online teaching pedagogy for science courses; science education 760-750-8037 Science Hall I, 113
Afra Panahi, Ph.D.  

Application of advanced computer simulations and machine learning techniques in modeling proteins and cell membranes to obtain detailed insights about biological processes.  (760)750-8246 Science Hall II, 327
Michael H. Schmidt, Ph.D. Bioinorganic Chemistry Non-classical crystallization and mechanisms of biomineralization 760-750-4138 Science Hall II, 321

Jacqueline Trischman,Ph.D.

Biorganic Chemistry

Isolation and structure of marine natural products by NMR; Chemical ecology of marine microorganisms 760-750-4206 Science Hall I, 119