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Carly Slack Receives the 2021 James R. Meindl Award

Carly Slack

Carly Slack is an outstanding example of a student who excels at both academics and sports. While earning a nearly 4.0 GPA, Carly participated in several extracurricular activities including the CSUSM Softball Team, the CSUSM Entrepreneurship Society, the Tukwut Leadership Certificate program, and the Global Business Study Abroad Program. In each of these endeavors, Carly set a positive example as an exemplary student and strived to serve her fellow teammates and classmates. 

As a student athlete, Carly emerged as a leader by continuously offering support to her teammates. Whether she ran extra laps to inspire teammates to complete their training, helped an underclassman with their homework, or offered a joke during stressful situations, she went above and beyond to help the team succeed. When she noticed that the team was suffering from a lack of engagement during the virtual interactions necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic, she instituted a mentor program so that the older seasoned athletes could help the newer team members navigate school and stay committed to team responsibilities. Carly also joined the student-athlete advisory committee where she works to strengthen communication between student-athletes, coaches, and the athletics administration.

As the Vice President of Entrepreneurship Society, Carly helped the struggling organization to renew interest in student innovation and entrepreneurship. She helped to revamp the organization’s social media and email communications to engage more members in her department. The society is now offering regular speaker events on launching start ups and is helping entrepreneurship students work on their networking skills and learn more about careers in entrepreneurship.

Carly also took the initiative to participate in the CSUSM Tukwut Leadership Certificate to further develop leadership skills. This rigorous certificate required her to attend weekly workshops and engage in campus & civic engagement to strengthen her leadership, interpersonal, career, and professional skills. These skills were evident during Carly's Study Abroad program when she took the initiative during travel delays to help get students quickly and efficiently checked into their hotel.

In addition to this impressive award and distinction, Carly has also received the following accolades while at CSUSM:

  • Outstanding Student of the Management Department, CSUSM
    • Selected from all of the students from the Management Department
  • F.A.R. Cougar All-Academic Team, CSUSM Athletics
    • Achieved the highest GPA on the softball team
  • Mangrum Award for Academic Excellence, CSUSM Athletics
    • Achieved a 4.0 GPA during multiple semesters

Carly says, "Through CSUSM, I found a family in athletics and passion in the business program; both of which I am incredibly grateful for and helped me develop personally and professionally into the leader I am today. Starting off as a shy freshman, I set examples through hard work and good decisions. As a team leader, mentor, and VP of the entrepreneurship society I am developing into the leader I am meant to be and I am excited to excel further in that role. I wouldn't have been able to do all this if it wasn't for the amazing people and inspiration I have found at CSUSM."

This year’s award is sponsored by Joe Stockunas, former Executive Vice President, through his retirement gift from the Nordson Corporation.