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Campus Move Out Food Drive

Campus Way Cafe will be accepting unopened, unexpired, non-perishable food items from May 6-20, 2024 during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. All food collected will be donated to feed families in our local community.

National Employee Appreciation Day

Team Photo

March 1 marked National Employee Appreciation Day, and the Sodexo team received all the love from customers. Students and other Campus Way Cafe guests were granted kindess such as "thank you for all that you do, Sodexo," "thanks for all the amazing food," "Sunday brunch was excellent," and many more messages. We all celebrated with dozens of donuts and giveaways. So Sodexo employees, donut worry, we all appreciate you a hole lot!


Pride Industries
Sodexo proudly works with PRIDE Industries to provide employment for intellectually disabled and developmentally disabled individuals. PRIDE Industries is on a mission "to create employment for people with disabilities." Through their efforts PRIDE employs people from all across the spectrum and Sodexo is proud to be part of that change.

Weigh the Waste

Weigh the Waste

Sustainability at CSUSM has a Zero Waste by 2025 initiative. In Fall 2023, Sodexo and Sustainability teamed up for their Weigh the Waste program. A couple times a semester Sustainability goes to Campus Way Cafe to weigh food waste. Instead of Campus Way Cafe customers throwing the food they didn't eat away, Sustainability collects all of the food waste and weighs the waste. Through this program, they can gather the weight and inform students on how much food goes wasted. The goal is to slowly minimilize food waste by consciously grabbing only the food that will be consumed.

Swipe Out Hunger

On Giving Day, CSUSM Corporation, Cougar Care Network, and Sodexo partnered with Swipe Out Hunger to feed students suffering from food insecurity/emergencies. Eligible students will get meal swipes to use at Campus Way Cafe or at Get Fresh or Hilltop Bistro, limited menus, in the University Student Union.

Program Elegibility:

  • Be a CSUSM student enrolled in the current semester
  • Have trouble affording 2-3 well-balanced meals per day
  • Not have an existing campus meal plan
  • Apply only once per semester
  • Talk with Cougar Care Network team member about your situation and possible other resources to help you
  • If re-applying in a future semester, please use all previously awarded meal first
  • Use all awarded meals so valuable meal donations do not go to waste

Apply for Swipe Out Hunger Meals

Better Together Get-Together Sweepstakes


Every semester, Sodexo hosts a nationwide sweepstakes. In the Fall 2023 semester, a student from our very own CSUSM won this amazing sweepstakes! The student was randomly selected from thousands to tens of thousands of entrants throughout North America. They won a $575 Visa gift card and a $500 donation of their choice. They chose the Cougar Pantry to receive the $500 donation.

Best of the West

Best of the West

Here's an award Sodexo couldn't do without all the wonderful customers in Campus Way Cafe. Sodexo granted Best of the West to CSUSM for its above average survey results. Thank you to all of the customers who took the time to take the survey and giving us feedback!