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Cougar Cash

Cougar Cash is a cash equivalent, dollar-for-dollar amount, loaded onto the students' Cougar Cash account and can be used at the Campus Way Cafe, USU Dining Pavilion, Crash's Market, Campus Way Market or Starbucks @ the library.

Cougar Cash can be added to the students' Cougar Cash account at any time through the Dining link in the CSUSM Campus app or online using the purchase button below.

Whenever a student makes a purchase, they can simply present their QR Code (located in the CSUSM campus app under view ID) to the cashier and the amount will be deducted from their balance. Cougar Cash balance information will be accessible through the same CSUSM campus app under dining/meal plans or online.

You do not need to have a meal plan to load Cougar Cash onto your account. 

Purchase or add Cougar Cash