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Meal Plan Overview

Meal plans save time and money! There are a variety plans to meet the needs of our students.  Our commuter students, as well as, residents in The University Village Apartments and The Quad may choose any meal plan that suits. 

As for our North Commons residents, meal plans are mandatory, students must choose from the Cougar Blue, Tukwut or Paw meal plans.

Meal Plan
Fall 2023 meal plan selection available May 1, 2023

Students can manage their plan via the campus app (dining button)

Plans can also be purchased or managed via the website
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Meal Plan Options 

Housing Residents
  • North Commons Residents - You must pick one of the following plans: Cougar Blue, Tukwut, or Paw.
  • All Residents - For a full cost of housing and dining, check out our Housing Calculator
Plan Options for Fall 2023 and Spring 2024
Cougar Blue Plan 19 Meals per Week
$75 Dining Dollars*
$4,996 $2,498
Tukwut Plan 15 Meals per Week
$400 Dining Dollars*
$4,996 $2,498
Paw Plan 12 Meals per Week
$625 Dining Dollars*
$4,996 $2,498
Flex Plan 9 Meals per Week
$175 Dining Dollars*
$3,350 $1,675
Social Plan 50 Meals
$450 Dining Dollars*
$2,004 $1,002
Deluxe Plan 30 Meals
$165 Dining Dollars*
$1,002 $501
Select Plan 20 Meals
$125 Dining Dollars*
$738 $369

Dining Dollars are a cash equivalent which comes with a meal plan. 

Use your meal plan at

  • Campus Way CafĂ©  - Meal swipe, Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash
  • USU Market - Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash
  • USU Dining Pavilion  - Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash
    • Panda Express
    • Hilltop Bistro Grille - (meal swipe lunch option)
    • QDOBA
    • Get Fresh - (meal swipe lunch option)
    • Crash's Cafe
  • Starbucks® - Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash


Not sure which meal plan is right for you or you have more questions? Visit our FAQs

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You can purchase or manage your plan via 2 methods.


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Mobile app

Students can purchase their plans by logging in to the mobile app.

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