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CSUSM Catering

  • Assortment of Finger Foods
  • Some of the Catering Team
  • Avocado Toast
  • Bagel Spread
  • Muffins for Breakfast
  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Cheese Board

Executive Chef Robert Garrity and Chef Anna Webb-Fallon have expanded the existing catering menus to include a larger selection of food options. Catering Manager, Anna Marie Flowers, and Catering Supervisor, Lisa Sikes, are ready to meet the catering needs of our faculty, staff, and students for their events. CSUSM Corporation continues to partner with Sodexo as catering operations expand to include a catering First Right of Refusal opportunity. 

First Right of Refusal:

  • Currently, the threshold for catering first right of refusal is $250 or more.
  • Required for Hospitality Form

Defining Catering:

Catering is Defined as:

Having food prepared and delivered to CSUSM, CSUSM Corporation, and/or affiliated or lease locations.

Having food prepared, delivered, and set-up on CSUSM, CSUSM Corporation, and/or affiliated or leased locations.

Having food prepared and set-up at CSUSM, CSUSM Corporation, and/or affiliated or leased locations.

Catering is Not:

Picking up food of any value and brining it back to campus.

Other Charges:

  • Is there a charge for delivery/set-up? Nope.
  • Do we charge to make our trip to you? Never.
  • Do we charge for gratuity or a percentage service charge? No.
  • What about box lunch delivery? We don't charge for that either.
  • Extra charge for servers or attendants? Sometimes. Only for certain events that require a server or attendant to replenish food.

variety of food

Catering Menus and Contact Information

  • Seasonal Menus
    • Maple Glazed Turkey
    • Braised Short Rib Dinner
    • Homecoming
    • Fall Buffet
  • Breakfast
    • Avocado Toast Bar
    • Scrambled Eggs
  • Buffets
    • Tex Mex
    • Asian
    • Southern Italian 
    • Southern BBQ
    • More
  • Snacks, Platters, Boxed Meals, Hors d'Oeurves, Desserts, and so much more

Place your orders 

How to Request a Catered Event

Catering Request From

Use Catering Request Form if you have a specific budget, are unsure what options are availalbe to you, would like to know availability for a given date, or are unfamiliar with CaterTrax.

Step 1:  Complete Catering Request Form.
Step 2:  Receive a notification within 24-hours (exception: if a request is submitted on a Friday, you may not receive a confirmation until Monday).
Step 3:  If "Approved," fill out the Catering Order in CaterTrax.
If "Denied," you may contact one of the other Approved Off-Campus Caterers below.
Step 4:  Provide proof of decline when submitting hospitality form.  Acceptable declines:  "Decline" auto-generated email from Catering Request Form; Decline or exemption email for catering or Corporation.
Step 5:  Enjoy your Event!  Don't forget to scan the QR Code on the day of event to submit your review.
Step 6:  Include your catering invoice and email notification (if denied) with your ProCard reconciliation packet.

CaterTrax Direct

Go straight to CaterTrax if you are comfortable, have an idea of what you want and need a cost, want to check date availablity without waiting 24 hours, or would like a Custom Menu Request.

Step 1:  CaterTrax
Step 2:  Check Date Availability.
Step 3:  If date is unavailable, it will be pink & washed out, take a screenshot of the calendar and submit this with hospitality form as a "decline".  At this point, you may use one of our Approved Off-Campus Caterers below.
Step 4:  Fill out your order or use Custom Menu Request to request something unique!
Step 5:  Enjoy your Event!  Don't forget to scan the QR Code on the day of event to submit your review. 
Step 6:  Include your catering invoice and email notification (if denied) with your ProCard reconciliation packet.

Always use to contact catering with any questions!


S'mores Bar and Appetizers

If you have any questions regarding catering concerns or specific event you don't see listed in the website, send us an email at:


We are pleased you are interested in learning more about CSUSM Dining. Recently, with the implementation of our first meal-program and the opening of our first all-you-care-to-eat dining facility, we have implemented a First Right of Refusal policy for Campus Dining. Below are answers to commonly asked questions about the new policy.  

  • Why go to a Right of First Refusal model?

    Catering operations are a core component of an exclusive on-campus food and beverage program and essential to its overall viability. With the opening of the Campus Way Café and the addition of an executive chef, catering manager, and catering supervisor, catering revenues allow Sodexo to take advantage of economies of scale in food-buy, and more broadly allocate labor costs to drive down the prices of both catering costs and meal plans for students. Based on data provided by Sodexo, the estimated impact on student meal plans is significant; without this revenue, meal plan prices would need to increase by approximately $1.50/day or $352/meal plan for the year. Other advantages include:

    • The opportunity for greater collaboration and control over the quality of service provided
    • Additional employment opportunities for CSUSM students
    • Food safety management on campus
    • Synergy between the catering, housing, and conference and event planning programs
    • Shortened delivery time
    • The ability to build a dependable and robust catering program that can fill a broader campus need including service for small hospitality events that may otherwise be cost prohibitive
    • Ability to respond to on-site service needs related to the event
    • Mitigation of risk from 3rd party providers entering campus
    • The ability to scale Sodexo’s staff to support a broader range of concessions activities including service at athletic events
    • The ability to scale with a growing campus

    It is also worth noting that Sodexo’s catering revenues directly impact the CSUSM Corporation’s participation in profit-share, driving additional funds for reinvestment in the dining program. As a non-profit auxiliary organization serving CSUSM, 100% of the CSUSM Corporation’s profits are used for the benefit of CSUSM.   

  • Are there exceptions?

    Yes, there are exceptions to this policy. Notably, small events with catering orders under $250 are exempt. In addition, exemptions may be granted by the CSUSM Corporation on a case-by-case basis based on the interests and needs of the requestor. Picking food up from off campus is not considered catering. The intent is to make good faith efforts to drive incremental business to the on-campus dining program to keep the dollars on campus and promote programmatic growth. The Corporation will continue to contract with off-campus caterers to supplement the Sodexo offering and ensure our campus’ needs are met. 

  • When does this new policy take effect?

    The Right of First Refusal policy will go into effect October 15, 2022.

    Catering contracts in place prior to October 15, 2022 will be honored. 

  • Why Sodexo?

    Sodexo has been the exclusive on-campus food service concessionaire since 2012. At that time the CSUSM entered a 20-year exclusive contract that will expire in 2032.  A key component of the 2012 agreement was an investment made by Sodexo of one million dollars to fund the design and construction of the USU retail dining facility. At the time, Sodexo was the only qualified respondent to a formal request for proposals. Over the past 10 years, Sodexo has continued to demonstrate a strong commitment to partner with CSUSM by being responsive to campus needs despite enduring sustained financial deficits year-over-year for the past several years.

  • Is CSUSM the only campus with a Right of First Refusal for catering operations?

    No, in fact, this is common practice at universities nationwide including in the CSU system, where 14 other campuses have a Right of First Refusal for on-campus catering.  

  • Can I use my ProCard to pay for catering?
    Yes, you may use your ProCard for payment as long as the amount is less than your single purchase limit. 

Approved Off-Campus Caterers

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