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Financial Operations

CSUSM Corporation engages in a range of business operations and services for the campus community including property management, contract & agreement maintenance and negotiation, campus programs, and more. 

Accounting Operations

CSUSM Corporation Accounting Operations works in collaboration with CSUSM Fiscal Services, Accounts Payable, Student Financial Services, and Procurement to provide fiscal and transactional support for CSUSM Corporation and The Foundation programs.

Please see the CSUSM Fiscal Services web pages for more information.

CSUSM Procurement & Contracts

CSUSM Corporation has procurement and contracts policies procedures in place to guide users through the nuances of terms & conditions, contract set up and management, procard purchases and reconciliation, and requisitions and purchase orders. For details on each of these, please visit the CSUSM Corporations Procurement & Contracts page.

Gift Cards

Gift cards may be purchased using CSUSM Corporation funds for recognition of students, faculty, staff, or incentives for individuals who participate or volunteer in events or activities in support of University programs. The use of gift cards must comply with the mission of CSUSM Corporation and CSUSM and adhere to the CSUSM Corporation Public Relations Fund and Hospitality Policies.  For gift card requests and information on gift card purchasing, please refere to the Gift Card Page.