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Campus Programs

CSUSM Corporation provides support for a network of special projects, organizations, activities and additional research that are not funded by the state or through sponsorships. These types of projects are commonly known as Campus Programs. 

CSUSM Corporation reviews and monitors revenue and expense activity, fund balances, and appropriateness of supporting documents of all campus programs.

For more information see our FAQ. Please contact CSUSM Corporation x4700 with any questions or concerns. 

Campus Program Customer Service Directory
I need to:  Form needed:  Send form to: Deliver by sending to:  Corp contact for questions: FAQs for Topic
Create an invoice Billing Upload Auxiliary Accounting Bethany Contreras FAQ #16
Deposit checks Deposit Form SFS - Cashier's Office Hand deliver Bethany Contreras FAQ #15
Pay an invoice by direct pay Direct Pay form; invoice  Accounts Payable Bethany Contreras FAQ #5
Transfer money between my campus program and Foundation accounts Expenditure Transfer Auxiliary Accounting Bethany Contreras FAQ #7
Purchase gift cards for distribution Gift Card Request Form CSUSM Corporation Wufoo Form Justin Cox FAQ #25
Bring a guest lecturer to campus Guest Lecturer Form & Payee Data Record CSUSM Corporation Michelle Hinojosa FAQ #21
Hire staff or faculty for my project EAF request  CSUSM Corp - Human Resources Michelle Hinojosa FAQ #22
Hire an independent contractor Independent Contractor Agreement CSUSM Corp - Human Resources Michelle Hinojosa FAQ #22, #23
Obtain a ProCard ProCard Agreement Form CSUSM Corporation - ProCard Automatically routes due to being a Docusign form Janine Prior FAQ #10, #13
Create a new project Campus Project Agreement Form CSUSM Corporation Automatically routes due to being a Docusign form Bethany Contreras FAQ #1, #2, #3, #4
Submit a requisition to purchase something Peoplesoft Requisition portal CSUSM Corporation Peoplesoft Bethany Contreras FAQ #5
Request reimbursement for travel expenses Domestic Travel Request, International Travel Request (completed prior to travel)  & Expense Claim Form Accounts Payable Bethany Contreras FAQ #24
Check Payment Status of an invoice  Review "How To" guide None for additional questions Bethany Contreras FAQ #19
ask a general question email or call CSUSM Corporation
Bethany Contreras  

Signature Requirements for Campus Programs Travel

Domestic Travel
  • Supervisor
  • Funding Authority
  • CSUSM Corporation (if applicable)**
  • Supervisor
  • Funding Authority
  • CSUSM Corporation (if applicable)**
International Travel 
  • Supervisor
  • Funding Authority
  • Vice President/Provost
  • CSUSM President
  • Supervisor
  • Funding Authority

* For Campus Programs (81xxx or 86xxx) under Academic Affairs, Provost Oberem has given delegated authority to Wesley Schultz, Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to sign on his behalf for this type of travel.  

** CSUSM Corporation Executive Director approval is required only if exemptions to travel policy and/or expense limits are being requested and/or claimed (ex. exemption to $275 per night lodging limit).