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CSUSM Corporation is a self-supporting auxiliary and does not receive funding from state sources.  For purchasing from sponsored projects (85xxx) or campus programs (81xxx and 86xxx), compliance with the policies, procedures, and terms & conditions below is necessary. 

Common Purchases and Partners

Staples Advantage (Office Supplies)
Campus Marketplace 
Campus Caterers
Transportation Providers
Licensing & Trademarks
Follett - University Store
Dining Services - Sodexo
Approved Caterers

Plan Your Purchase

Visit this page to learn more about types of purchases, purchase methods, requirements and limits and much more. 

Purchase Limits and Requirements

Visit this page to learn more about purchasing requirements.

General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms & Conditions (also known as General Provisions or Standard Terms and Conditions) are the stipulations by which all vendors must abide in order to do business with the CSUSM Corporation. They provide the foundation of terms for all contracts, purchasing, and other procurement operations. These terms & conditions are often paired with additional contracts, but all contracts must abide by these terms at minimum.