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Procurement & Contracts

CSUSM Corporation is a self-supporting auxiliary and does not receive funding from state sources.  For purchasing from sponsored projects (85xxx) or campus programs (86xxx), compliance with the policies, procedures, and terms & conditions below is necessary. 

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Procurement & Purchasing

CSUSM Corporation Procurement & Contracts Guidelines

Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions, also known as General Provisions, provide the foundation of terms for all contracts, purchasing, and other procurement operations. These terms & conditions are often paired with additional contracts, but all contracts must abide by these terms at minimum.

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Purchasing with a ProCard

CSUSM Corporation's ProCard purchases must comply with CSUSM Corporation's ProCard manual, as well as a number of policies that relate to hospitality, purchasing, and the like. 

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Purchasing Requests and Purchase Orders

CSUSM Corporation utilizes a requisition and purchase order process for acquisition on goods and services. This process required access to the CSU Common Financial System. Most purchase orders require an active agreement or contract.



When is a contract necessary?

  • Any vendor or company anticipated to render services or provide products to CSUSM Corporation or affiliates are required to enter a contract with CSUSM Corporation including single-day services, Independent Contractors, and Guest Lecturers. 
  • Contracts are necessary for all vendors who anticipate coming to the CSUSM campus or affiliated properties.  
  • Contracts are required when the vendor is being offered exclusivity as well as if they participated in a Request for Proposal or Request for Quotation process. 

How do I create a contract?

In order to successfully set up a contract, complete the Contract Request Form with the following information:

  • a complete description
  • the scope of work
  • the terms of the agreement length
  • a list of all involved parties
  • detail of deliverables
  • complete vendor contact information
  • other applicable items such as schedules and exhibits, and insurance if required.  

Contracts Resources

CSUSM Corporation Procurement & Contracts Guidelines

Independent Contractor Agreement Packet




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