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Staples Advantage is the CSU’s primary contracted source for office supplies. The competitively bid contract provides the greatest overall discounts and pricing on office products available to the CSU.

General office supplies that are in stock will be delivered within 24 hours of order to the requestor's desktop.



California State University San Marcos (CSUSM), as an innovative public institution of higher education, has a strong record for early implementation of best practices in sustainability and conservation. We are conserving our resources (energy, water, waste) and seeking to ultimately develop a culture of sustainability for all students, staff and faculty.  To achieve this goal, we need to integrate sustainability themes and concepts into all of our decision making processes.  At the departmental level, you can help by choosing recycled content products (where feasible) which will further our sustainability and recycled product goals.  Selecting paper with post-consumer recycled content is a great first step.

The following choices are highly recommended for your next office paper purchase:

  • 30% post-consumer recycled content = Staples Item # 492072
  • 50% post-consumer recycled content = Staples Item # 329306
  • 100% post-consumer recycled content = Staples Item # 620014

Recycling and Zero Waste

Hand in hand with our sustainability goals, is CSUSM’s commitment to recycling.  All California government institutions, including colleges and universities, are required by law- AB75 and SB-1016 to divert at least 50% of their waste from the landfills as of January 1, 2005. CSUSM has complied with that mandate each year.  In addition, CSU System wide policy is an 80% diversion of our waste by 2020 and at CSUSM we have a Zero Waste goal by 2025.

An important contribution to this success is the printer cartridge recycle program here on campus. Used inkjet cartridges can be sent via interoffice mail to Distribution Services where they will be recycled. 

Also, all spent batteries that are generated on campus can be recycled. 

Staples Advantage Auto-Substitution Program

The CSU Presidents have been exploring a variety of synergy projects designed to reduce expenses, and it has been determined that substantial savings can be achieved by making adjustments to the CSU's office supply purchases by utilizing the Staples Advantage auto-substitution program. All campuses have implemented the automatic substitution of about 1,700 products currently being purchased with lower-cost equivalents that have the same or better fit, form and function as the higher cost items.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

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