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Procurement FAQs

General Questions

Purchasing Questions

Where do I send invoices?

For all invoice and payment questions, please visit the Account Payable website for the applicable email address. 

Where can I send an agreement or contract that needs to be signed?

Please send all agreements and contracts to

I need an agreement written, who do I contact?

Please send a Scope of Work, the other party’s contact information, and when you’d like to have the service start to Please refer to this agreements timeline chart for expected time to completion and other pertinent information.

I’d like Procurement training, is it available?

Yes, we offer quarterly trainings. Are you signed up to receive PCBO notices? Sign up to receive PCBO notices. All training notices and RSVPs are sent out via a PCBO notice.

I have a new supplier, what form is needed to have them added to our system?

To start a Payee Data Record needs to be completed. The procurement process requires other documents; this purchase chart provides information regarding specific types of purchases. If you do not see your purchase type here email

What are the Campus insurance requirements?

Campus Insurance Requirements can be found online. Depending on the type of purchase, we may require additional coverages. Please work with your assigned Buyer to determine what is required in your specific situation.

How do I make an update or close a purchase order?

Complete a purchase order amendment (POA)* (Select: FA-Procurement-Purchase_Order_Amendment_Form(POA)) to make changes to a current purchase order. 

I have a purchase order with an incorrect chart field, and an invoice already hit the PO, what do I do? 

First, complete a financial transfer request to move that expense to the correct chart field. Second, complete a  purchase order amendment (POA)* (Select: FA-Procurement-Purchase_Order_Amendment_Form(POA)) to correct the chart field.  

I want to purchase or pay for a renewal on a software. Do I need to get IITS approval?

Yes, before any software can be purchased or renewed an Information Technology Review (ITR) must be submitted and approved. The IT purchases and ITR exemptions chart provides information regarding specific types of purchases.

* all eSignature forms have changed to Adobe Sign