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Independent Contractor

The Independent Contractor Process is used when hiring an individual, sole proprietor, partnership, single-member LLC or closely held corporation. Please note that closely held corporations and partnerships with few personnel will need a completed Contractor/Consultant Determination form.

It is against CSU Policy to reimburse or compensate Independent Contractors for travel expenses.  Travel expenses should be included in the lump sum payment to the Independent Contractor.

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) performs the front end analysis for appointment categories, which includes Independent Contractors. Please complete the Contractor-Consultant Determination Form found on Human Resource’s website to determine if the appointment can be processed as an Independent Contractor.

Please note: a CSU employee cannot enter into a contract with the CSU where the employee has a personal financial interest in the agreement.  A current CSU employee cannot be paid as an Independent Contractor.

If you have questions, please contact your assigned HR Analyst. If you are uncertain of your Analyst assignment, please refer to the directory.

If an IC is approved by OHR, follow the below instructions for processing the IC agreement. 

Independent Contractor Forms: