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Common Purchase

  • A list of partners and other common purchases that staff and faculty often make.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Also known as general provisions for entering into contracts (including POs) with vendors.

Gift Card

  • CSUSM Corporation Gift Card Purchasing Procedure
  • Gift card forms
  • Gift Card Distribution Log

goods, services, and I T Purchases

  • The basics for making all types of purchases on CSUSM Corporation projects.

Photo of Independent Contractors graphic

  • Independent contractor requirements and process.

How to and Resources

  • CSUSM Corporation’s purchasing policies
  • Related procedures
  • How-to guides

Pro Card

  • All the information you need to know about obtaining a ProCard, using a ProCard, and all ProCard forms can be found here.

purchase limits and requirements

  • When making purchases, it is important to keep in mind know the necessary approvals that are needed and whether or not there are specific requirements when making purchases.

Requistion and Purchase Orders

  • This page serves as a guide for the requisition and purchase order process, requirements, and important tips when completing a requisition.

Payment Type

Additional Links and Resources

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Common Purchase and Partners

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