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Classification & Compensation

Classification by Position

Utilize the Position Matrix when determining the job classification and salary range of a new or existing position:

Student Employees

Utilize the Student Assistant Classification and Salary Guide 2023 - 2025 when determining the job classification and salary range of a student employee.

Classification of New Positions

CSUSM Corporation classifies all positions under classification titles and descriptions so that positions with similar duties and responsibilities are grouped together in the same classification.  A consistently applied classification system and appropriate pay ranges are essential for ensuring compliance with equal pay requirements as well as other legislative guidelines.

When a new Regular position is created, it is reviewed and classified, based on the job description, before an employee is hired to fill it.     

Classification of Existing Positions

Existing positions may be reviewed because of reorganization, new equipment or work processes, new programs, or significant changes that have affected an employee’s duties and responsibilities.

If a Project Director or Supervisor believes that a position classification should be reviewed, he or she should send the following to CSUSM Corporation Human Resources:

  1. Memorandum requesting a classification review and stating reasons for the review.
  2. Job Description - review the employee’s job description for completeness and accuracy. 
  3. Organization Chart of the project or department.
  4. Performance Appraisal - employee’s most recent, signed and dated by both supervisor and employee. 

When all of the above are received, Human Resources will review the job description and, at its discretion, conduct a desk audit.  During the desk audit, the Human Resources representative interviews the Project Director or Supervisor and the incumbent and discusses the duties and responsibilities of the position.  The position is then evaluated in terms of various classification factors including:

  • Complexity and difficulty of work
  • Nature of supervision exercised and received
  • Knowledge, abilities and skills required
  • Independence of judgment and action required
  • Extent and difficulty of interface with persons and organizations

Comparisons to related positions in CSUSM Corporation, other CSU auxiliaries, and/or the University may also be made in order to maintain consistency within the various classifications.

Before a final decision is made, the Human Resources representative will discuss recommendations with the employee’s Supervisor to provide an opportunity to address questions and point out possible problem areas.  If a classification change is recommended, it must be approved by both the Project Director and the head of Human Resources.

Project Directors and Supervisors should make no commitment to any current or prospective employee concerning classification or compensation level without the approval of the head of Human Resources.