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Purchase Limits and Requirements

Procurement Purchase Limits
Procurement For Less than $50,000 $50,000 - $149,999 $150,000 and over
Goods / Services (including ITR*) Competition not required, but informal solicitation recommended At least two (2) written or electronic quotes Formal Solicitation
Personnel Actions
Approvals PAT Member or designee* Approval President or Designee Approval
Personnel requisitions Yes Yes
Temporary staff extensions Yes Yes
Appointments for MPP positions Yes Yes
MPP Equity increases Yes Yes
Student Assistants Yes No
NON-MPP stipends, equity increases, in-range progressions, re-classifications and bonuses Yes Yes
Sponsored Projects 85xxx No No

Additional Information

  • Less than $50,000
    Competition not required, but informal solicitation recommended
  • $50,000 - $149,999
    Requisition must include at least two informal quotes provided in written or electronic form from the suppliers and shall include applicable specifications, vendor name, address, telephone number, and total dollar amount. Documentation should be submitted when a requisition is generated and will be maintained with the purchase documents for audit purposes. Supplier Selection and Cost Justification form is required to be submitted with requisition.
  • $150,000 and over

    Purchases require a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Quotation (RFQ) be issued. Alternatively a systemwide or publicly bid contract; or sole source may be used. Purchaser should consult with CSUSM Corporation and/or their Sponsored Project Analyst contact to determine the appropriate handling of the formal solicitation (bid) process. Formal Solicitation (bid) requests should include the following information:

    • Clearly defined delivery terms and conditions
    • The method or formula for determining the lowest bidder meeting specifications
    • A reasonable amount of time for bidders to prepare and submit their bid response prior to the bid due date
    • The closing date and exact time of opening of sealed bids
    • Notification that bids received after the closing date and time will not be considered

    If, after reasonable effort, three bids cannot be obtained, a Sole Source/Brand Approval justification will be required. Additionally, requisitions that limit the bidding to one source and/or brand or trade name must include a written justification, approved by the CSUSM Corporation Executive Director or designee, explaining why the product specified is necessary for the successful completion of the requesting department’s functions.