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Injury Reporting

CSUSM Corporation Injury and Illness Procedures

If Emergency, Dial 911

Supervisor makes assessment and responds accordingly:

First Aid?

Location of First-Aid Kit: See Supervisor

Transport to Urgent Care Facility?

Palomar Corporate Health Services - Escondido
2125 Citracado Parkway, Suite 130
Escondido, CA 92029

Life threatening?

Dial 911

Report all incidents—even minor ones:

Call the CSUSM Corporation Office at (760) 750-4700. If you are unable to reach anyone, please leave a detailed voicemail message.

Supervisor or Project Director does the following:

Complete Report of Employee Injury or Illness Form.  If possible, ask injured employee to complete the form in your presence. Not to do so could result in delayed benefits to the employee.

Give injured employee Employee’s Claim for Workers’ Compensation Benefits Form (DWC 1) to complete.  Make sure employee receives a copy.