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General Terms & Conditions

The General Terms & Conditions (also known as General Provisions or Standard Terms and Conditions) are the stipulations by which all vendors must abide in order to do business with the CSUSM Corporation. They provide the foundation of terms for all contracts, purchasing, and other procurement operations. These terms & conditions are often paired with additional contracts, but all contracts must abide by these terms at minimum.

The Terms & Conditions outline the rights of CSUSM Corporation and the due process and expectations of an executed contract including and not limited to insurance, invoicing, termination, governing law, and conflict of interest. These provisions must be followed when executing a contract with CSUSM Corporation including all of the expectations outlined there.


Technology Acquisitions

(Please review the Information Technology Review Process detailed below)

Information Technology Review Process

(Information taken from IITS website)

The Information Technology Review (ITR process is part of CSUSM’s commitment to making the resources and tools used on campus accessible, secure, and compatible with our IT infrastructure. The ITR Process is separate from the Procurement process. 

In order to comply with Federal, State, CSU and CSUSM laws, regulations, policies and procedures an ITR Form is required when purchasing any Information and Computer Technology (ICT) item regardless of price. Learn about what an ICT is.

The ITR Form initiates and documents the review process of ICT items. Once the form is completed, it must be reviewed by an IT subject matter expert prior to proceeding with the purchase.