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Travel Forms

Type of Form Instuctions/Guide Adobe Sign Routing or Form

Adobe Sign Travel Request

**Step 1: Review all Steps 

Step 2: Obtain agenda or similar (shows business purpose of travel)

Step 3: Complete the Travel Request/Expense Form (Please note the same form is used for both the Travel Request and Expense Report)

Step 4: Route the Travel Request/Expense Form and agenda for signature via the Adobe Sign Travel Request

*Non-employee student travelers need to complete the Student Conduct Agreement Form and Release of Liability Form

Adobe Sign Travel Expense Report 

**Step 1: Review all Steps

Step 2: Compile all supporting documentation, including completed travel request, itemized receipts for expenses over $75, proof of travel insurance (if international), and completed release of liability/student conduct agreement (if traveler is a student)

Step 3: Update your original Travel Request/Expense Form with actual expenses incurred and attach supporting documentation 

Step 4: Route the documentation for signature via the Adobe Sign Travel Expense Report

Student Travel Forms (Non-employee)

The Release of Liability and Student Conduct Agreement needs to be signed before a student travels with the university.

These signed forms need to be attached to the Student's Expense Report as well.

Travel Exception Forms and Guides
Lack of Itemized Receipt This form may be used as a last resort if unable to locate a receipt.