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Concur Adobe Sign
  • Stateside Employees using state funds
    (including self-support, state trusts, and split funding between state funds) 
  • Auxiliary employees
  • Students
  • Candidates
  • Stateside employees using auxiliary funds
  • Stateside employees using split funding between state and auxiliary funds


Training Guides

  General Travel and Adobe Sign Concur
Before the Trip:
  • Travel Policy and Guidelines Training 
    1. Login to Learnerweb with CSUSM credentials
    2. Click on the Course Search tab
    3. Select the Travel category
    4. Click on the “CSU Travel Policy and CSUSM Travel Guidelines” course tile
    5. Click the Launch button
After the Trip:
Approvers and Delegates:
  • Travel Approver Tips Training 
    1. Click on the “Course Search” tab
    2. Click on the “Travel” category on the left side navigation menu
    3. Open the "Travel Approver Tips" tile
    4. Click the “Launch” button to open the course
Travel Exceptions:  
Traveling with Hospitality: