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Candidate Travel

Welcome to CSUSM! Thank you for considering our campus as your next place of employment. Please see below for all the information you will need to know before your visit to our beautiful campus.

Candidates must follow the CSU Travel Policy and CSUSM Travel Guidelines. Please note, the university assumes no financial responsibility for expenditures incurred by individuals who fail to adhere to policy. All expenses must be ordinary, reasonable, not extravagant, necessary, and allowable. Candidates do not need a Travel Request.

Refer to our Candidate Quick Guide for more information (this is not an exhaustive list).

Please email with travel-related questions about what is and what is not reimbursable.

Quick Tips

  • Flights - Only Coach, Economy or equivalent are reimbursable. Airline upgrades (including Early Bird Check-in) are non-reimbursable.  
  • Meals - GSA Per Diem for San Diego County.
  • Ground Transportation - select the most economical option from below:
    • Rental Car - Intermediate or economy. Must refuel before returning car to rental agency.
    • Uber/Lyft or equivalent - Standard fare is reimbursable. Upgrades are non-reimbursable.
    • Personal Car - Mileage is reimbursable using the most direct route.
  • Lodging - Utilize the Preferred Hotels (room rate must be below $275 before taxes and fees).

Non-reimbursable Expenses: 

  • Personal expenses
  • Alcohol 
  • Tips over 20%
  • Pet fees
  • Extra expenses for detours during the trip