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University Liability Travel Card

The University has retired the Personal Liability Travel Cards that were offered before the travel suspension. We now offer a University Liability Travel Card.

The University Liability Travel Card is a great option for employees that travel on university business. It eliminates the initial out of pocket expense and also eliminates the need for advances. 

  • The Travel Card is strictly for business purposes only
  • The Travel Card is only for Concur users, who are using stateside funds.
  • Travel expenses, using auxiliary funds, cannot be placed on this card.
  • Applying for the Travel Card will not appear on your credit report
  • Expenses are reconciled through the travel expense claim 

To apply for the University Liability Travel Card, please fill out this application

travel card application process

If you still have your outdated Personal Liability Travel card, please destroy it. Its attached account has already been closed. Contact if you have any questions.