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Welcome to DSS announcements. Keep an eye on this page for upcoming reminders and any changes to office hours! Please be advised that DSS will be open from Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm.  However, we will provide minimal staffing to administer exams and/or quizzes that will not end (or start) until after 6:00pm.

Disability Support Services COVID-19 Response

This page contains the latest information on how Disability Support Services (DSS) will continue to operate during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Please remember that DSS may need to modify its’ operational plan as the COVID-19 situation dictates.


DSS will continue to provide support to students using email, Zoom and phone as appropriate. There will be a minimal DSS Office presence to proctor exams that must be done in person or to provide other services that cannot be duplicated virtually and can only done by appointment. Otherwise, DSS services will be provided virtually, in compliance with current campus guidelines. The best way to reach DSS staff is by their specific campus email addresses. Please see a list below:


For Spring 2022 there are courses being taught in the following formats: entirely virtual, hybrid, and fully in person.


If you prefer that we contact your professors in regards to your eligibility to receive special testing accommodations then please contact the Testing Scheduler.  DSS should be notified immediately if there are any issues in getting your authorized extended exam or quiz times.

Depending on the way a course is being taught, the continuation of using a notetaker may or may not be relevant.  Please follow up directly with the Notetaker Coordinator if you have any questions.

If there is a need to convert any course content into an accessible format, then please use the to notify us.


The COVID-19 situation is fluid and changing very quickly. CSUSM has a specific location for obtaining the most current COVID-19 information as it pertains to our campus. Please be sure and go to the CSUSM as One website to keep informed.

Additional Resources

For those of you who have questions regarding your textbooks, here is some general information. Your assigned instructor for each course is the one who will determine what textbooks will be required. You are encouraged to login to Cougar Courses to see what your instructor has posted in regard to your course. They may have their syllabus posted, which will list the textbooks you will need to purchase. You can also check the University Store’s website and use their search engine to see if there are any textbooks listed for each of your courses. You can find more information at the University Store. Any additional questions you might have regarding your required textbooks for a specific course should be addressed to your assigned instructor.

Tools for Functioning in the Online Environment

The transition of classes to the online format has been an adjustment for everyone. Some of our students have reported that they have been experiencing academic difficulties as a result of this transition. To better support our students, we have created a document of tips, strategies, and resources which can be accessed at your convenience. 


Spring 2022

Please note, the first day of the Spring 2022 semester is on January 24th and finals will take place between May 14th and May 19th. You are encouraged to check the actual Spring 2022 Course Schedule to see when classes will actually meet and if they are asynchronous, synchronous, hybrid or entirely on campus. 

If you need testing accommodations (email: or note taking accommodations (email:, please email us or call the general number at (760) 750-4905.

Directive on COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and Guidelines 

All students should read the President’s Directive on COVID-19 Mitigation Measures and Guidelines.