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Faculty Dos and Don'ts

  • Confer with the student to establish familiarity with his/her approved accommodations.
  • Respect the privacy of students with disabilities. Be careful not to inadvertently disclose the details of a student’s case to others.
  • Treat students with disabilities with the same courtesies you would to other students.
  • Assist students in following university policies. All requests for accommodations must be made through the Disability Support Services office.
  • Include information about the Disability Support Services (DSS) office in your syllabus and course materials.
  • Contact the DSS office when you have questions or concerns about a student:


  • Make assumptions about a student’s ability to participate in the class or work in a particular field.
  • Decide not to provide reasonable accommodations which have been approved by a DSS counselor.
  • Refuse to permit students to tape record lectures as an accommodations. Faculty members may complete a Tape Recording/Transcript Services Contract to protect the rights of both parties.
  • Make informal short-term or long-term arrangements for testing accommodations. This protects students, faculty members, and the institution by ensuring consistency, and takes much of the burden off individual faculty members.