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Faculty Forms

Testing Accommodation Forms

Faculty members who have a student approved for services may or may not receive a blue Testing Accommodation Request Form. The decision to use approved testing accommodations is at the DSS student's discretion. In the event a student completes a Testing Accommodation Request Form, the faculty member of the pertaining course should complete the remaining portion of the form designated strictly to instructors. The form consists of the following requirements:

  • Instructor's name, email, support staff, and available contact method for DSS to reach if an exam question arises
  • Instructor's preferred delivery method for completed exams
  • Course exam/quiz dates, specific directions, and the length of the exam/quiz
  • Instructor's decision to permit or not permit his/her student to test outside of regular class time
  • Course final exam date and time

Faculty members whose exam/quiz dates are tentative may make note of this on the blue Testing Accommodation Request Form and remind his/her student that he/she must complete an exam reservation with the DSS office preferably 7 days prior to the official exam date. Exams/quizzes and any questions or concerns regarding testing accommodations may be submitted via email to

Tape Recording/Transcript Services Contract

Students who are approved for tape recorded lectures or captioning services are entitled to the use of his/her accommodations. Faculty members who are concerned for the integrity of the lecture content may complete a Tape Recording/Transcript Services Contract with the student to protect both parties of agreement.