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What Positions Will Be On the Ballot for the Primary Election?

The Primary Election ballot will include voting for the following offices and candidates will move forward to the general election in November 2022: Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner. Member - State Board of Equalization, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, US Representative in Congress, State Senator, and State Assembly Member.

Learn what these exact roles represent in the California legislature by reading the image below from the League of Women Voter's California Easy Voter Guide for the 2022 California Primary Election.

For the following offices you may choose any candidate on your ballot, from any political party. The two candidates with the most votes will run against each other in November. It is possible that these two candidates could be from the some political party.

Offices that represent everyone in California

(elected for a four-year term)

  • Governor - The highest elected official in California: Oversees most state departments and agencies. Prepares annual state budget. Approves or rejects new state laws.
  • Lieutenant Governor - Next in line: Becomes Governor if the elected Governor leaves office. Has a tie-breaking vote in the State Senate. Serves on boards and commissions.
  • Secretary of State - Head of elections and record keeping: Coordinates statewide elections and oversees election laws. Also keeps records about new corporations and businesses and other state databases. 
  • Controller - The state's bookkeeper: Keeps track of how the state's money is spent. Issues most checks from the state and manages collection of money due to the state. Reports on finances of state and local governments.
  • Treasurer - The state's banker: Manages the state's investments and assets. Coordinates the sale of state bonds.
  • Attorney General - The state's top lawyer: Makes sure laws are enforced the same way across the state. Manages the state Department of Justice . Oversees sheriffs and district attorneys.
  • Insurance Commissioner - Insurance overseer: Manages the state Department of Insurance. Enforces laws that insurance companies must follow.
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction - Head of public schools: Manages the state Department of Education. Provides leadership and assistance to all public schools in California. Enforces education regulations.

Offices that represent you in national government

  • U.S. Senator (6-Year term)
  • Representative in U.S. Congress (2-Year term)

Offices that represent you in state government

  • State Senator (4-Year term; even-numbered districts will be voted on in this election)
  • State Assembly Member (2-Year term)
  • State Board of Equalization (state tax commission; 4-Year term)