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How Will My Aid Be Paid

To be eligible for a disbursement of aid, you must meet all disbursement requirements. Some of the general disbursement requirements include:

  • Submission of all required documents
  • Meeting all satisfactory academic progress requirements 
  • Maintain enrollment in a minimum of six units for most aid programs (five units for graduate students to receive student loan funds)
  • For new students, admission status must be cleared and not be conditional or provisional
  • Please note that certain student aid programs may have very specific disbursement requirements in addition to the general disbursement requirements. For example, Cal Grant and State University Grant recipients must be California residents whereas some scholarship programs require that students be enrolled full-time to receive any scholarship funds. These special requirements must be met in order for those funds to be disbursed.

When will my aid be paid?

  • During the first four weeks of the semester, disbursements are scheduled to run twice a week.  During the fifth week and after, we process disbursements weekly. 
  • After fees have been settled, any difference is refunded to the student via ACH Direct Deposit or in a check mailed to the student. ACH Direct Deposits and the mailing of checks to students is handled by the Student Financial Services office. 
  • The generation of ACH Direct Deposits and the mailing of checks are completed weekly, typically by the end of the following week after funds are credited to the student's CSUSM student account. 

You may view the status of your student account at MyCSUSM and Select Student Center and click on Finances.