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Rights and Responsibilities


  • Must complete all requested forms accurately
  • Must use all financial aid received solely for expenses related to attending CSUSM
  • Must submit in a timely manner all additional documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office
  • Must enroll for at least 6 credits (except for certain graduate programs which require 5 credits)
  • Must understand the rules and conditions for any financial aid awards received
  • Must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Interview the first time a loan is received at CSUSM before the student is no longer enrolled at least half-time
  • Must reapply for financial aid each award year before the published deadlines
  • Must inform the university promptly of changes in name, address or e-mail address
  • Must check CSUSM email account regularly
  • CSUSM utilizes the MyCSUSM portal as a mechanism to communicate and offer aid.  By attending CSUSM you are agreeing to utilize the portal, stay up-to-date on all 'To Do' items and accept, reduce, or decline aid via MyCSUSM

Have the right to:

  • Know how financial need was determined
  • Know how financial aid will be disbursed
  • Request an explanation of offered aid in the financial aid package
  • Refuse any aid offered
  • Request an explanation of CSUSM's refund policy
  • Know what portion of financial aid must be repaid and what portion is a grant. If a loan has been offered and accepted, have the right to know the interest rate and loan repayment options and procedures
  • Examine the contents of aid records provided a written request is made to CSUSM's Financial Aid Office. Students may not review confidential records submitted by parents without the written consent of the parent whose information has been submitted.
  • Request paper communication