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Enrollment Requirements & Grant Recalculation Date

Effective Fall 2021

The enrollment status of the student at the time that funds are prepared for disbursement will be used to determine the payment amount. For purposes of financial aid, enrollment status is defined as outlined in the table below. Please keep in mind that awards are disbursed in two payments for the academic year, half for the fall term and half for the spring term. The full net amount of loan funds for the term (fall or spring) can be disbursed as long as the student is enrolled in a minimum of six units or a minimum of three units for graduate students.   

Enrollment Status for Undergraduates and Graduates

Enrollment Status

Undergraduates/Teaching Credentials
Number of Units

Graduate Students
Number of Units


12 or more

6 or more

¾ Time

9 - 11

4 - 5

½ Time

6 - 8


< ½ Time

5 or less

2 or less

Grant Recalculation

Financial Aid is applied to the student account based on the enrollment at the time of disbursement.  Disbursements of Pell Grant, Cal Grant A, Cal Grant B, Middle Class Scholarship and State University Grants will be prorated (adjusted) based on the enrollment status of the student on the Grant Recalculation date. If the student reduces the units they are enrolled in before the Grant Recalculation date, their Grants will be reduced, and students may need to return funds. CSUSM emails a Billing Warning email when students reduce their enrollment and this reduction will result in a balance due.   

Grant Recalculation Dates

For students enrolled in the standard semester – 16 week semesters – the Grant Recalculation Date is the day after the Add/Drop period ends.  Classes added after this date will not be included in the Grant enrollment Calculation just as classes dropped after this date, will not reduce Grants.

For EL modular programs – The list of programs below includes all the EL modular programs that are eligible for Grants.  The Grant Recalculation date is the day after add/drop of the 2nd session. 

EL Modular Programs Eligible for Grants

Acad Prog

Acad Plan




Pre Admin Svcs Cred Tier 1Pre



Kinesiology - Movement Sci



RN to BSN - Online Option



Sociology BA



Wildfire Sci & Urban Inter BS