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Add/Drop Period

During the first two weeks of the semester, you are able to continue to make adjustments to your schedule by adding new classes to your schedule and/or dropping classes. Below are links to resources that will answer your questions and help you navigate these processes. The add/drop period ends September 14th for Fall 2020.

*Note* these instructions have been updated to align with changes for Fall 2020 (i.e. fully online classes).  

How does it work? 

During the first week of classes, you may enroll in open classes without a permission number. You can tell if a class is open in the schedule when there is a green circle for the status in the Class Schedule.

  • If the class notes indicate ‘instructor consent required’ or the status is closed or waitlist, you must request a permission number to enroll.

During the second week, a permission number is required to enroll in all classes, even if the status is open. 

Green indicates a class is open

Can I be dropped for non-attendance?

Yes. Even in an asynchronous class, if you do not meet attendance requirements set by the instructor, you may be administratively dropped. Be sure to log into Cougar Courses the first day of class (or the first day of the semester) to review the syllabus and any materials posted by your instructor to ensure that you meet attendance requirements.

How do I request a permission number (also known as “crash”)? 

To request a permission number from a faculty member, send an email to indicate that you would like to enroll in the class and request a permission number. Be sure to include the name of the class, as well as the section and any other relevant information that you would like the faculty member to know about your interest in the class. Below is a sample email. 


I would like to enroll in your GEW 101B General Education Writing class this semester. The specific class information is below. I am a new student and would very much like to complete my writing requirement this semester.

                                GEW 101B, section 04, Class Number 45000, Asynchronous

You can find the faculty member’s name in your class schedule. You can find the faculty member’s email address by going to the campus website and entering the faculty member’s name in the search field.


the search field is at the top of the main page 


When the results appear, you will see results under ‘Directory’  - locate your faculty member’s name and the email address.

 example of search results


If a faculty member has not yet been assigned to the class (e.g. the class schedule shows “STAFF”, or you sent an email and have not received a response within 48 hours, you may refer to the Permission Number Contact List for additional assistance. 

How do I enroll with a permission number? 

Please see the question “How do I enroll with a permission number” on the Enrollment FAQ page

How do I drop a class? 

Please see “Dropping courses” on the Enrollment Tips page.