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Independent Study Contracts

Each college (and some departments) maintains a specific form for the Independent Study Contracts.  After completing the form, the student submits it to the Office of the Registrar for processing (i.e. the student is enrolled in the independent study course).

Email approval from faculty and department chairs are accepted in lieu of a signature on the printed form.

You may view instructions for students on this page: Prerequisite Waivers, Enrollment Issues & Independent Study.


  1. When working with a student to develop an Independent Study Agreement, use the appropriate form for your college/department.
  1. You or the student may complete the PDF form; send your emailed approval to the student with the following information

Student Name
Student ID
Class # (5 digit)
Course Title (e.g. PSYC 499B)
Number of Units

The student will forward to department chair or program director, as needed for approval, and will then send the final approved form and email to