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Change of Major/Minor

To change or add a major or minor, visit MyCSUSM to make the change. Students are highly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor before the change.

If MyCSUSM does not allow the change, please complete the Change of Major/Minor request form on our Forms webpage.

How to Declare your Major/Minor

  • Step 1: Start in your Student Center
  • Step 2: In the drop down menu select Change a Major or Minor
  • Step 3: Select Proceed to Change of Major/Minor
  • Step 4: Select Confirm Major & Minor
  • Step 5: In the drop down menu select your NEW Major or Minor
  • Step 6: Select the Change button - Your major or Minor has been changed!
  • Step 7: Run your Academic Requirement Report to make sure it was updated.

What to know

  • You are encouraged to run a What-If Report in MyCSUSM to identify the remaining requirements to graduate

 What If Report

  • You will be subject to the requirements in effect at the time you declare the new major or minor (see the Catalog Rights page for more information)