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Academic Requirement Report

The Academic Requirement Report (ARR) is a report and graduation evaluation tool, used to track the completion of all degree requirements in one document.  Students can also access notes and reminders from their academic advisor and graduation auditors from this report.

Students should run this report often to monitor completion of all graduation requirements.

ARR Requirements

What's included

  • All courses completed at CSUSM
  • Courses in-progress
  • All courses or test credit completed in transfer (see Transfer Credit page for more details)
  • Any changes and new information
    • After enrollment
    • After grades are posted
    • After you declare or change your major or minor
    • After you submit transcripts with transfer coursework

Degree Requirements

Your ARR breaks down each graduation requirement, divided into 3 categories:

  • University (or general degree) requirements (e.g. 2.0 GPA, 120 units, residence, Diversity & Equity)
  • General education requirements (e.g. lower division area A-E and upper division GE)
  • Major and/or minor requirements (e.g lower division major prep, upper division major courses)

In this report you can see how your coursework (including transfer and test credit) has satisfied graduation requirements. 

Notice an error or issue?

If you have found an error on your ARR, please submit a Correction Request Form.

How to Access your ARR

Log into MyCSUSM and go to your Student Center. From there, under Academics, you will see a link to ARR (Graduation Eval). 

 ARR Access

Are the ARR and Degree Planner the same?

The ARR and Degree Planner are different, but both helpful tools.  Your Degree Planner assists with course planning, and your ARR assists with ensuring completion of all degree requirements, including units, GPA, etc.