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Pre-requisite Waivers

Due to our recent switch to online instruction, we have made some changes to the traditional prerequisite waiver process. 

Instructions for students may be viewed at: Prerequisite Waivers, Enrollment Issues & Independent Study.

About Pre-requisites

Many upper division courses have enforced pre-requisites that ensure a student has completed the required coursework prior to enrollment. A pre-requisite waiver form allows a student to enroll who has not yet met the pre-requisite, or is currently completing it at another institution, from which an official transcript has not been received.

Here are a few details to consider when assisting students through this process:

  • Pre-requisite in-progress at CSUSM: In-progress is considered completed, for purposes of initial enrollment. So, if the pre-requisite course is in-progress at CSUSM the student will be able to enroll
  • Pre-requisite in-progress at another school: If an official transcript with the pre-requisite course in-progress has been received and evaluated, the student will be able to enroll; if an official transcript has not yet been submitted to the Office of the Registrar (or has not yet been evaluated), the pre-requisite waiver is required to enroll
  • Substituted pre-requisites: Sometimes, a substitute course (at CSUSM or in-transfer) is approved for a pre-requisite course; in many cases, the student information system will recognize this, and allow the student to enroll. If it does not, a pre-requisite waiver will be required to enroll
  • Failed pre-requisites: If a student enrolls in a course with a pre-requisite in progress, and later fails the pre-requisite course, the student may be dropped from the upper division course directly by the Office of the Registrar (a process known as PERC) or through a request to by the faculty member (see RaDAR Pre Requisites report for a list of pre-requisite grades for students)

Instructions for approving

If you receive an email from a student with either the pre-requisite form or a request with the information below - and you approve of waiving the pre-requisite - please respond with your approval. The student will forward this to 

Student’s Name
Student ID
Appointment Date and Time
Class # (5 digit)
Course Title (e.g. SPAN 101)
Prerequisite class:
Permission # (if needed*)

A student may email you with a request to allow enrollment in two classes with a time conflict.  Please note that students are instructed to acquire approval from both instructors in order to enroll.

Pre-Requisite Waiver vs. Permission Numbers

Pre-requisite waivers and permission numbers serve different purposes. 

  • A pre-requisite waiver allows a student to enroll in a class with a pre-requisite when the pre-requisite is not in-progress or met according to the current student record
  • A permission number allows a student to enroll in a closed/full class or a class that requires instructor consent

Approval to override prerequisites does not indicate permission to occupy a seat in the course; permission numbers are required beginning the second week of the semester and for courses that require instructor consent or to enroll in a class that is closed/full. For more information about permission numbers, please visit the Academic Scheduling site.