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Degree Planner

Your Degree Planner is an interactive online tool you should use every term to pre-plan your courses for the following term.

Requirements for your major, minor (if applicable), and general education are displayed in a recommended sequence, using information from your student record. It even recognizes the courses you have already taken at CSUSM, test credit, transfer credit, course substitutions, and prerequisites to recommend an education plan.

For more info on how to use the Degree Planner, visit the Office of Academic Advising website.

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Are the ARR & Degree Planner the same?

For more information on the eAdvising Tools, visit the eAdvising website.

The ARR and Degree Planner are different, but both are helpful tools. The Degree Planner assists with course planning, and the ARR assists with all degree requirements, including units, GPA, etc.