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General Education

Effective Fall 2018, CSU policy (Executive Order 1100) mandates that all baccalaureate students must complete a minimum of 48 semester units of GE distributed over five areas. While many of the GE Breadth requirements remain unchanged, there were a few revisions and clarifications of policy. For reference, please see this comparison chart that outlines the main differences between the old and new GE requirements.

Students who were enrolled at CSUSM prior to Fall 2018 (and have not broken continuous enrollment) are not subject to the changes in GE. However, students have the option to elect the new requirements.

To assist students with this decision, in November 2018, the university will create a pop-up message in MyCSUSM where students will be able to respond and elect the new GE requirements. The pop-up message will only be presented to students who would benefit from the new GE requirements (i.e. fewer GE classes are required). Note, all students are required to meet 120 units.

Please see the FAQ page for more information.