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General Education

Over the past few academic years, there have been changes to the General Education breadth requirements in the CSU.

  • In Fall 2018, CSU policy (Executive Order 1100) mandated that all baccalaureate students complete a minimum of 48 semester units of GE distributed over five areas, with a few revisions and clarifications of policy.
  • In Fall 2021, CSU policy was updated to include a new GE area (Area F), for Ethnic Studies, and 3 units of Area D were removed.

For reference, please see this comparison chart that outlines the changes to General Education requirements at CSUSM since Fall 2017.

Students who were enrolled at CSUSM prior to the effective date of a given change (and who have not broken continuous enrollment) are not subject to changes in GE. However, students have the option to elect the new requirements at graduation.

Please see the FAQ page for more information.