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Tips for Add/Drop Fall 2020

Managing your class roster will be a bit different this semester. Below are a few recommendations for making it successful:

  • Create a short "Getting to know you" assignment (a discussion board, writing prompt or syllabus quiz) due the first day of class (for asynchronous, this can be Monday 8/31!) in order to determine who is attending and therefore, how many permission numbers you may be able to issue. Check out examples of these assignments prepared by fellow faculty members.
    • Capturing early student attendance may also avoid financial implications for students who stop attending the university.
  • Collect requests for crashing through email (students have received instructions to email faculty if planning to 'crash')
    • If a synchronous class, send links to any zoom meetings to the students wishing to enroll; this way, the students have access until the roster is settled and can issue a permission number (similar to sitting in the physical classroom until a seat is available).
    • Consider emailing students on the waitlist prior to the first day of class to ask if they plan to attend (as a way of generating the list of students who plan to crash in advance).
    • Generally, it is not recommended that students be added to Cougar Courses prior to enrollment (to avoid confusion regarding the students' enrollment); however, if this is necessary please provide clear instructions to the student regarding their enrollment status (i.e. access to Cougar Courses does not mean the student is yet enrolled) and review the Add Course Users guide.

In addition, we recommend reviewing these pages for detailed, up-to-date information: