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Add Course Users or Change a User's Role


Add Course Users

You might wish to add users to your Community or Cougar Courses course container. For Cougar Courses, you might need to add a TA or, in rare cases, a student. By default students are automatically added to the course container within 24 hours of them officially enrolling in the course in MyCSUSM. In most cases this timeline is sufficient; however, in certain cases you might want a student to get immediate access to course resources and activities. In these cases you can manually add the student to your course container. Keep in mind access to the course container does not mean they are officially enrolled in the course. If you manually add a student and they later drop the course or never officially enroll, they must be removed manually. You might also want to add another faculty member to your course to let them see how you have your course setup. If you wish for them to just see your content you can add them as a Student or, if the course is hidden, as Student with Access to Hidden Course. If you want them to be able to import your content into their course, you can add them as a Facilitator without Gradebook Access. Please note that due to privacy requirements, you do not have the ability to add a user as an Instructor.

For Community, there are two ways to add users. First, you can manually add them through the steps below. Or, you can set up self-enrollment, and the users can enroll themselves in your container. For more information, please see our help guide on Self-Enrollment in Community.

  1. Click on Course Dashboard under the Contents area on the right.

 Course Dashboard underneath the Contents area

  1. Select Participants

 Participants link

  1. First, ensure they are not already enrolled in the course.
  1. If they are not already enrolled, click the Enroll users button at the top right.

 enroll users button

  1. In the Enrollment options pop-up, type the name of the user in the Select Users search box. If the correct user does not come up, try searching by the CSUSM username or email. Click on the correct user in the search results. When they have been successfully selected, their name will appear in blue above the search box.

 search box

  1. Repeat step 5 to add additional users with the same role.
  1. Assign role: Select the appropriate role for the user(s).
    For Cougar Courses:
    • Student with Access to Hidden Course: for a user that needs student access to a hidden course
    • Grader without Design Access: for TAs that grade, but do not add/edit content
    • Facilitator with Gradebook Access: for TAs that grade and can add/edit content
    • Facilitator without Gradebook Access: for a user that you want to be able to import your content into their course

 assign role, then click Enroll selected users and cohorts

  1. Click Enroll selected users and cohorts.

Change a User's Role

You might need to change the role of a user who is already enrolled in your Cougar Courses or Community container. For example, in Cougar Courses a student might need access to a hidden course in order to finish an incomplete. To give them access you would need to change their role.

  1. Click on Course Dashboard under the Contents area on the right.

 Course Dashboard link

  1. Select Participants.

 Participants link

  1. Find the user in the list and click the pencil next to their current role.

 click pencil next to current role

  1. Choose the desired role from the dropdown.

 choose role from dropdown

  1. If you wish to remove the previous role, click the X next to that role. Note: if their previous role is Student and you are adding the role "Student with Access to Hidden Course" you should not remove their original Student role.

 click the x next to role to remove

  1. Click the Save icon.

 save icon