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Share Content

Share a module or individual item

Modules and individual items within a course like Assignments, Pages, Quizzes, etc. can be sent directly to CSUSM another instructor from inside your course. Please see this help guide on how to send a module or item to another CSUSM instructor. You might also send them this help guide on how to manage content shared by another CSUSM instructor.

Share an entire course

With a limited number of instructors

If the course is a development/sandbox container, migrated course (pre Fall 2022), a future or current course:

To share a whole course with a limited number of CSUSM instructors, you can add the instructors to your course with the role "View/Copy Content Only." With this role they can view your course (but not edit or see student data) and import the content into their course. Please see this help guide on adding users.

If the course is a past course taught in Canvas (Fall 2022 or later):

Past courses go into read-only mode 4 weeks after grades are due for that term. This means you can no longer add anyone to the course. In order to share that content with another CSUSM faculty member you will need to either:

            1. Create a development/sandbox container, import the content into that container, and then add the other instructor with the "View/Copy Content Only" role.
            2. If you no longer have access to Canvas, reach out to with: the exact name and number of the course and the name and CSUSM email of the faculty to give access. We will then create a development container, import in the content, and give the other faculty member access.

With a large group of instructors

If you want to share your course with a large number of instructors and/or don't wish to add anyone directly to your own course, you can share your course to the Commons. Currently you can choose to share to CSUSM users only, select groups (created by CSUSM Canvas admins), or anyone in Canvas. Sharing your course to the Commons Guide.

If you do not wish to add anyone to your course or share to the Commons, you can export your course, save the course export to your computer, and send it to the other instructor. Export a Canvas Course Guide.