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Below are a number of frequently asked questions that are intended to help you navigate your decisions regarding catalog rights.

Catalog Rights FAQs

General Education FAQs

  • What changed in General Education at CSUSM (as of Fall 2018/Fall 2019)?
    • Area D was reduced by 3 units (it was 12 units, now it is 9 units).
    • Minimum C- grade for oral communication, written communication, critical thinking and mathematics/quantitative reasoning.
    • 9 semester units of upper division GE may be taken at any CSU (not only at CSUSM).
    • Double counting! Major courses and campus-wide required courses that are approved for GE credit shall also fulfill (double count for) the GE requirement. 
    • While upper-division GE courses continue to be generally restricted to students who have completed 60 semester units or more, at a minimum, students must satisfactorily complete A1, A2, A3, B4 (“golden four”) in order to use an upper division GE course for purposes of graduation.
    • CSUSM honors GE credit for courses completed at other CSU campuses.
      GE courses may be taught in all modalities (e.g., face-to-face, online, and hybrid).
      Intermediate Algebra is no longer a specific prerequisite for B4 courses; courses in this GE subarea shall include a prerequisite reflective only of skills and knowledge required in the course.
    • CSUSM will provide sufficient sections of A2 written communication and B4 mathematics/quantitative reasoning courses to support completion of these requirements within the first year of freshman enrollment.
    • Area C will include a 3-unit language requirement.

    You may also refer to the comparison chart of the old and new GE requirements.

  • If I complete Area C in transfer, do I need to take another class to fulfill the language requirement in C3?
    No. Students who complete Area C in transfer are not required to take another course at CSUSM to fulfill the language requirement (unless it is required in the major, which is a separate requirement). 

Additional FAQs

  • Is there a language requirement at CSUSM?

    The Language Other Than English Requirement (LOTER), is no longer a University graduation requirement for an undergraduate degree, beginning Fall 2019. 

    Beginning Fall 2019, Area C within the lower division GE requirements at CSUSM includes a 3-unit language requirement. Also beginning Fall 2019, several majors incorporated language into major requirements.


  • If I started before the new language requirement in the major were added, am I required to complete it?
    While many departments have made curricular changes that incorporate language courses into major requirements, students who have established catalog rights to existing major requirements are not subject to these curricular changes. In other words, no – the university may not add new graduation requirements (including a language course) once you’ve established catalog rights to earlier requirements. 
  • What is the Diversity and Equity requirement and when is it effective?
    The Diversity and Equity university graduation requirement is effective Fall 2020. It is comprised of two courses: one certified for Diversity & Equity in the United States and one certified for Diversity & Equity in Global Contexts. You can find more information on the requirement and its importance in a degree from CSUSM on our website.