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Faculty Online Grade Change

Important Notes

  • If grades have not yet been posted (i.e., the Official Grade column is blank), a grade change is not necessary; you can simply change the Approval Status from Approved to Not Reviewed and make the necessary edits to the roster.
  • The online grade change form is available following the grading deadline, and for 60 days after the end of the term (one year for I grades).
  • A paper/PDF form may still be submitted for grade changes beyond 60 days (contact for a form).
  • Reasons you may not be able to perform an online grade change:
    • The grade has been changed once already.
    • The student has graduated.
    • The class is outside the grade change date window.

How to submit an online grade change

  1. Login with your PeopleSoft/MyCSUSM login
  2. Navigate to Faculty Self
  3. View your schedule for the term in which you would like to change a grade and select a Grade Roster.
    grade roster

  4. Select the Request Grade Change
    grade change

  5. Select an Official Grade and Reason for the student(s) for whom you would like to change grade(s) and click Submit.
    official grade

  6. Verify the grade change shows “Success.”